Educational Videos

We make technology easy by helping our customers have tech confidence through video tutorials!

Educational Videos

Our video tutorials help provide tech confidence by encouraging efficiency, productivity, and better communication methods throughout the work week.

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Table of Contents

Submitting a Ticket

Learn how to submit a Help Desk ticket.

User Assistance

Under this category, our team has gathered a wide variety of miscellaneous topics that answers our most common help desk tickets.

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Microsoft Assistance

Learn more about Microsoft apps such as Outlook, Teams, and more.


ThreatLocker Request Access

Under CTS's Zero Trust policy, new programs might be blocked and will require request to download by our NOC team. Learn how to install approved programs from ThreatLocker.


Phone Systems

A brand new phone system can feel overwhelming, good thing you hired CTS to walk your through everything you need to know about your new phone.

Please note: If your phone is not the exact phone model from the video tutorials, that's okay. This tutorial still applies to most, if not all models. If you have any other questions, contact our help desk.


Want more tech confidence?

We have teamed up with WSET in providing our top 12 tech tips that can be practiced at home and at the office.

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Video Requests

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