Don't get us wrong- we get super excited about new gadgets entering the IT industry, but we also don't own any pocket protectors.

We encourage you to review our table of contents, to reimagine your traditional IT company and understand what sets us apart.

Table of Contents

Team CTS

What To Expect From Your First Consultation?

What you will expect from your first consultation is us learning more about YOU. We care about you, your team, and your personal goals for you business.

Why does this matter? Because the more we understand you, the better we can serve you and your team for your business's growth, production output, and profitable success. 

IT is suppose to assist you, not hurt you. That's why we're not here to just unplug your router and plug it back in, then charge you for a full day of service.

This is a partnership. We are in it together.

Our Partnership IS A PRIORITY

What you can expect from our partnership is strategic future planning and consistent communication between us and your team.

What does this mean?

Team CTS
Team CTS


Once you have chosen the service plan that best fits your team and your business model, then it's time to SPEC your tech.

Below are the main questions we would rather ask you now, rather than later when you're on a business trip.

SPEC your tech with the questions below and recognize where your current IT stands.

What security measures do you have in place when you have a data breach?

When disaster strikes your home, you and your family have a game plan in place to ensure everyone is safe. Your business is no different.

Most companies do not have a data breach plan or even know where to begin to create one. Having our team set your company up for success, even when disaster strikes, is one less thing for you to worry about.

Is your IT working for you or against your bottom dollar?

Good question, right? Imagine this:

A company has been experiencing a leaky roof for 5 years. Every time it rains it damages the furniture in the front entrance way. To increase the customer's experience, the CEO throws out the old furniture and replaces it with new furniture every six months to ensure there isn't a mildew smell.

See the problem? The CEO should be fixing the issue at the source- the roof. Rather than putting out thousands of dollars in new furniture just to cover up the issue.

Let's take the same approach with your IT. It's time to invest in technology that will provide a long-lasting solution and help your bottom dollar, rather than throwing away money to cover up any mistakes whenever it rains.

How efficient is your team's workflow? (without micro-managing them)

We don't care how many "team bonding" trips you take... your company's IT is at the forefront of your team's success.

It's 2020, your team should be thriving with access to new technology, not back tracking through old filing cabinets. Period.

Your team's production = profitability.

HIPAA, DFARS, CMMC, PCI… What do they mean and why should you care?
Companies are held at a higher expectation than ever, this means, compliancy is no longer a suggestion. Many companies need to meet specific compliance guidelines just to operate in their industry.
Do you have the proper standards in place to meet your industry's compliance? It's time to get ahead and stay ahead so you're not faced with an audit, we can help get you there!


We want to personally invite you to take our quick questionnaire to see if our team will be the right fit for your company's future growth. You can only go up from here!

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