Remote Working

We have the perfect plan that puts your remote employees on the right track and your company's data secured.


Remote Working

We have the perfect plan that puts your remote employees on the right track and your company's data secured.


Remote Working

 Remote working provides your employees the ability to work from home, a coffee shop, or out of town for conferences, while still remaining secure outside of your company's network.

This is a great added benefit when growing your team, but also having a technological edge in your industry.

What this page covers:

What's included in the Remote Working Plan?

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Dark Web Monitoring

Each user will be monitored to prevent identity theft on the dark web. Receive notifications if your company's information has been leaked.

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Proactive Monitoring

We track and manage assets from a single location through inspections and audits. The objective is to obtain performance feedback from your systems while also enabling corrective action to be taken prior to any failure in the system.

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Employee Password Management

Instead of a secret stash of sticky-note passwords, your employees will only need to remember one password to securely access all of their usernames and passwords.

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Windows Patch

Management of Microsoft Software Patches to ensure your employees are receiving the most secure version of Microsoft.

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Microsoft 365 Backup

With the Microsoft 365 Backup and/or G-Suite, you will have your data backed-up and always accessible.

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Net Gen Anti-virus

AI, anti-virus, Artifical Intelligence backed by Security Operation Center (SOC).

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Phishing Security Awareness Training

Educating employees and motivating behavior change to protect your company's data can take some time. This is why we offer personalized security awareness and training modules either directly to specific emails or to the entire company.

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Quarterly External Network Scan on Demand

Receive in depth reports on security risks and regular checkups on your network.

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Spam Filter

Detect unsolicited and unwanted email and prevent those messages from getting to a user's inbox

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3rd Party Patching

Automate Line of Business application installations and updates

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Multi Factor Authentication

A two factor authentication accessed directly from one's phone enhances the security of a company's logins.

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Network Operations Center (NOC)

24-hour monitoring and management of your server from real people at Team CTS. This allows you to sleep comfortably knowing your data is protected.

What about the employee's hardware?

With the Remote Working Plan, you have access to our Hardware as a Service (HaaS)!

Hardware as a Service allows your team to have modern day hardware on a monthly subscription plan. The benefits of this service includes:

An elimination of a large upfront cost when converting an employee over to remote workforce.

Employees won't have to worry about firmware updates, hardware warranties, or management of their hardware. Team CTS will be able to track and manage the life span of the employee's tools.

Employees will have access to the latest and greatest tools to maintain their competitive edge in your industry.

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