Video Surveillance

Receive enterprise level video surveillance at a cost that works for your team.



Video Surveillance

If you're looking for a cloud hosted video surveillance solution, you came to the right place!

We are an Eagle Eye Network provider, which means better flexibility to meet your needs and your budget!

What this page covers:

What is Eagle Eye Network?

Perks of Video Surveillance as a Service:

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Security From The Cloud

Secure and access your footage directly from the cloud from a hosted platform with ease.

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Hardware Provided

We provide all of the hardware you need to receive the best surveillance for your organization. This allows us to update firmware, so you don't have to worry about it.

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Flexible Retention

Management of Microsoft Software Patches to ensure your employees are receiving the most secure version of Microsoft.

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Customizable Packages

With the Microsoft 365 Backup and/or G-Suite, you will have your data backed-up and always accessible.

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Increase Stability

AI, anti-virus, Artifical Intelligence backed by Security Operation Center (SOC).

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Disaster Recovery

Educating employees and motivating behavior change to protect your company's data can take some time. This is why we offer personalized security awareness and training modules either directly to specific emails or to the entire company.

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AI Technology

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Instant Notifications

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Still doing research?

If you're still conducting research on which video surveillance is right for you, let us help!

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Video Surveillance Installation Sale

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Instant Security, HALF off!

If you choose CTS as your video surveillance provider, we will take 50% off of your installation price.

Yeah, seriously! 

This means your business will receive:

  • Lower upfront cost
  • Flexible retention
  • No need to buy and own the hardware
  • Customizable options that best fits your business

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